Application for and right to obtain Turkish citizenship by foreigners

Application for and right to obtain Turkish citizenship by foreigners

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the few preferred countries in the world where foreigners want to obtain its citizenship as a tourist destination or as its citizens. The fact that there are many applications for obtaining Turkish citizenship has led to the establishment of criteria for granting citizenship by the Turkish state and to ensure the efforts of applicants to fulfill the necessary conditions. The first question is how to get Turkish citizenship?

How to get Turkish citizenship?

The question of how to get Turkish citizenship is the first question that foreign nationals living in Turkey try to find the answer to. As Arikan Law Firm, we have tried to answer these questions by adding an English tab to our site so that foreigners do not have difficulty in searching for answers to their questions. Turkish Citizenship is obtained as a result of the application made by the foreigners who have completed their legal life in Turkey or fulfilling exceptional conditions to the Provincial Population Directorates in the province where they reside. After the authorities and the competent committee make the request, the request is accepted.

Benefits of Making a Citizenship Application with a Lawyer

And because foreigners do not have full knowledge of the procedures followed in Turkey, any lack of documents or errors in the procedures necessary for submitting the application will negatively affect your application for citizenship. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for citizenship through the team of expert lawyers working in this field in our office

Applying for Citizenship by Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Another way to get citizenship in our country is to participate in the citizenship application process by adding value to the country's economy. You can apply for citizenship with a real estate or land investment of around 250.000 USD. The point to be aware of here is that the property or plot of land is located in a place permitted by the citizenship laws. In this regard, you can get support from our lawyers who are experts in real estate and citizenship procedures.

Documents Required for Citizenship in Turkey

  • The person must be at least 18 years old.
  • Continuous residence for at least 5 years in Turkey.
  • Expression of desire to live in Turkey (ex. having a business).
  • Being healthy.
  • Knowing enough Turkish language to express himself.
  • Having a financial income
  • The absence of any problem at the level of state security.

These points are the advantages that people who want to become citizens must possess at the first stage.

Documents Required During Application

  • 2 biometric photos.
  • Translation of the passport (you can request it from İmge Translation office ).
  • Apostilled translation of birth certificate (you can request it from İmge Translation Office).
  • Apostilled translation of a Celibacy or marriage certificate (you can request it from İmge Translation Office).
  • Health report
  • income certificate
  • Count of days of residence document
  • fee receipt

These documents are prepared with help of our expert lawyer.

Application for and right to obtain Turkish citizenship by foreigners
Application for and right to obtain Turkish citizenship by foreigners/
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