Owning Real Estate by Foreigners in Turkey

Owning Real Estate by Foreigners in Turkey

The interest of foreigners in Turkey, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, is very high. Foreigners describe it as “a corner of Paradise”. While it is very pleasant to use this phrase for our country, it is also important to know the perks that foreigners can get.

Real Estate and Land Ownership of Foreigners in the Land Registry Law

According to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law in Turkey, the law supports the possession of property by persons and citizens of countries who do not pose any danger to the country. Everyone can buy real estate in our country within the limits of this law. Citizens of 183 countries can buy real estate from our country.

Matters that foreigners should consider when buying real estate

  • Foreigners can buy 30 hectares of land per person.
  • It is possible to get no more than 10% of the area of the town.
  • It was decided by the Council of Ministers to purchase a property of 600 hectares.
  • Foreigners' purchase of property near military zones is subject to special permission.

Foreigners can acquire real estate within these rules.

The process of foreigners obtaining real estate

Foreigners generally follow the following stages when they make an investment in our country:

  1. Determining the property to be purchased (land, field, real estate, residence, flat, etc.).
  2. Seller or estate agent process.
  3. Preparing a sales contract in a language that the buyer can understand (through a sworn translator)
  4. Obtaining a valuation report on the real estate to be purchased and translation it into the language of the person
  5. Making the sales contract from the notary in the presence of a sworn translator

Realization of the land registry process and the procurement process together with a sworn translator.

In these operations, a bank account is also opened in Turkey and the title deed transaction is carried out by performing a notarized translation of the passport. The property's current market certificate, compulsory earthquake insurance for homes, and seller and buyer photographs are issued. If the deal is to be done by proxy, the original power of attorney and its translation are also required. While obtaining the service from our office, The Imge Translation Office (the partner company) will provide you with all these services in detail.

The process of bequeathing real estate to foreigners

Another way of acquiring property from our country is the case of foreigners owning property here by inheritance. The conditions here are as follows.

  • Being a citizen of 183 countries
  • The property is not in the forbidden military zone.
  • Not larger than 30 hectares

The heirs who do not meet these conditions can sell the property within one year or the Turkish Treasury will sell and pay them the price.

Real Estate Purchases by Commercial Companies

Companies with foreign capital incorporated in Turkey have the opportunity to make investments related to their field of activity here. Therefore, there is no harm in the investments of foreign investors as per their own fields of business.

Lawyer Support While Buying Real Estate

Over time, the desire of foreigners to own real estate increased in Turkish provinces, especially Istanbul, Bolu, Kocaeli, Trabzon, Mugla, Izmir, Samsun, Duzce, Bursa, Yalova, Edirne, Tekirdag, Canakkale, Aydin, Antalya and Rize. Foreigners’ requests vary from independent housing to apartments and from hotels to plots of land. There is also a great desire from Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and also The European and American continent to invest in Turkey. Our main advice to all investors who will invest in our country is to work with an expert lawyer. Another important point in investing is the translation service that all investors should receive to get their work done. Our office offers you a high-quality translation service for the language you want in accordance with the agreement with Imge Translation Office. In addition, we follow all procedures in check the legal language of contracts and title deed procedures. Our company offers you its services with its expert and well-equipped staff in the field of investments that you will make in the investment paradise “Turkey”.

Contact Us For Investment

When you decide to invest in our country, our office serves you with a multilingual staff of lawyers and investment consultants. You can reach our office at +905073711717. You can also contact us on our whatsapp line. We are with you at every point of our country with 24-hour uninterrupted support.

Owning Real Estate by Foreigners in Turkey
Owning Real Estate by Foreigners in Turkey/
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